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Mr Oh Boy Returns!!!

Pieces of You by Cassia Leo [Review]

Ebook, 322 pages
Expected publication: May 17th 2013 
Edition Language English


In Relentless, college student Claire Nixon and surfer Adam Parker each had a painful past too heavy to carry alone. Claire tried to push Adam away, but Adam's relentless pursuit of her heart and her secrets made her walls come crumbling down.

Though their hearts will never be whole again, Claire and Adam now know they are stronger together than they are apart.
But now Claire's attending college a hundred miles away from Adam. With their relationship already hanging by a thread, Adam is sent to Hawaii on business.

And rock star Chris Knight is back in Claire's life.

Chris wants his ex-girlfriend back and he knows just how to get her: only he has the power to mend the final missing piece of Claire's broken heart. Now Claire must choose between a long-distance relationship with Adam and a second chance at love, family, and home.


I... I mean... Just... GOD NO... I just... Please... Stop... I feel... Adam...

This was me after finishing Pieces of You, and this is still me now after hours of supposedly settling down and inteorizing the book…
I just can’t find the words to say how much this was both Magnificent / Phenomenal ( words I don’t use that much – 4 times in my 25 years ) and downright Wrong/ Emotionally conflicted. I mean ( I’m Team Adam, till the end of my days), I ABSOLUTLY LOVED THIS BOOK, but at the same time I hated every single moment Claire & Adam broke my heart. I’m not talking about Chris, not because I’m not on his team, I will explain it later…

Claire, oh God Claire, I just don’t have the words to say how much I understand and hate you… Yes, I understood where you were coming from and the pressure you’re on, that would drive anyone crazy, but you couldn’t have done that!! Sorry but I kind of lost my affection for her in that moment ( Not going to spoil sorry ). I tried throughout the book, I was on her side the entire time, because I know that was not hard, that was unbearable. And yes she technically didn’t do anything wrong. But emotionally, just NO!!! I can honestly say,I had a hard time reading the last chapters of the book. I was so hurt, so disappointed, so MAD, I just I don’t know, it was very hard to read it.

Adam, I wanted to both kill you and hold you in my arms. YES I’M TEAM ADAM, so sue me! I mean I loved Adam the entire book, I never had a doubt about who I wanted Claire to be with. But Yes, I had my moments of intense murderous instincts. This boy got me mad, when he had those thoughts, I just wanted to kick his ass for thinking about that and throwing in the towel … I mean come on dude, fight!!!

The question is, he did! Yes, he shouldn’t decide for her, but he was so mature about everything that happened, and he knew that maybe he was gambling too hard, but that was definitely the right thing to do. And that was what made me hate Claire ( I’m going to be a bit cryptic, but I don’t want to spoil and this made me so mad, I can’t not talk about it), yes he did break something and maybe didn’t do what he promised to, but come on girl, you know exactly why he did it, you have your best friend spelling it out for you, besides everything Adam told you exactly what he felt about everything, and you just couldn’t hold on for a few days?!?!?!?!!? I mean, COME ON?!?!?!?!!?

And his decision at the end, to just let it go :O I guess I haven’t found a love like that, because at least for now I couldn’t do what he did.

And now for Chris ( I apologize in advance to all the Team Chris lovers out there), you Son of a B*tch!!!! Sorry Jackie, I loved you, but your boy needs to have someone kick his ass.

He’s a player! Cut the crap about wanting to be there for Claire, because of what’s happening, I don’t doubt you want to make it right, and you want to have that moment ( sorry being cryptic again), but you had a year to fight for Claire, you said it, you knew she made that decision for you, so sorry but I don’t believe a word you say. Besides that you get sad ( ok Claire was with Adam at that point), but if you truly want the girl you don’t do that ( not going to spoil sorry).
Just another point to prove my anger towards Chris. I don’t like what he did, he pushed, he played with the situation, I’m not saying you don’t love Claire, but sometimes the intentions don’t justify the things you do!

Ok now that I’m a bit more calm! ( Not a chance but I can’t always seem crazy :P )

Do I need to say I recommend this to everyone?!

ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review!


I’m so glad to be back guys, after almost a month battling a flu or allergies or whatever that was I really missed reading a good book and show you how crazy I am :D

See you next week ;)

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